Trudy majored in painting at Syracuse University, minored in pottery, and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She received her Master's Degree from the N.Y. State University at New Paltz, with study concentrated in Ceramic Arts. Her work has been exhibited and sold in galleries and shops in the Northeast since 1968, and is in many collections around the world.

Trudy's pottery has the qualities of her two strongest influences. From Japanese folk pottery comes grace of form and design, interpreted through western eyes. From South American folk pottery which she extensively researched and wrote a book about, comes her dedication to producing ware that is not only visually handsome, but is designed to function well. Trudy's delight in cooking and setting a handsome table as well as her interest in flower arranging provide the inspiration for her work.

You, too, will appreciate the thought that went into each piece which has been designed for daily use. The Great american Wheel Works pottery is made of stoneware clay, fired to 2350 degrees fahrenheit, which produces a glossy bond between the clay particles, and binds the clay and glaze together to produce a durable product. All of the ingredients in the glazes are natural, safe, earthy materials such as wood ash glazes made from locust wood burned in the studio stove, or the black glaze made from historic Albany slip. No lead glazes are ever employed.

Use it in oven, microwave, and dishwasher. It cleans easily, and with reasonable care, should retain its beauty and usefulness for many years.