Sogetsu Traditional Containers:

These Moribana containers can be ordered in any dimensions up to 18", and are available in the following colors: - matte-black, off-white, teadust/"temuko", turquoise-blue, light blue, green, tomato red, or our two raku copper glazes.
Shapes available include: round, rectangular, trapezoidal, cloud, and fan.
In general, any combination of these colors and shapes is available in any size.
Prices will vary depending on size, but generally range from $45 to $110.

These traditional Nageiri are available from 9" to 12" in height, and from 2.5" to 3" diameter. Colors available are matte black, off-white, teadust/"temuko", turquoise-blue, light-blue, green, tomato red, our raku copper glazes, or our raku white crackle glaze.
shapes available are cylindrical, three-sided, and four-sided.
These pieces are available smooth or textured. Textures will vary from piece to piece.


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